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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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Maintenance Options :
The functions here are pretty self explanatory.
Database Utilities

Compact Database - Should be run  monthly to reduce database errors and remove temporary data. Creates a copy of the un-compacted database and a backup Database.

Delete Backup Database - Deletes the Backup Database

Delete Un-Compacted Database - Deletes the Un-Compacted Database - can be deleted after Compacting.
Database Records

Delete ALL Cancelled Orders - Whilst the cancelled records do not affect the Room Availability for booking, they do take up space in the database and should be removed every so often.

Delete Old Provisional Bookings - Provisional Bookings (where the customer has not made payment as they either exited before completing a PayPal transaction, or a system error prevented the finalisation of the booking, will prevent the Provisionally booked room from being booked for the dates of the Provisional booking. You can delete Provisional bookings that have been added prior to a selectable number of days. ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,10,14 or 21 days).

Get Table Statistics and Validate Data -  Click this to check that your set-up is valid. It will inform you of any issues that need to be resolved in the data tables, such as duplicate room types, room types quantities that do not match the room numbers entered, etc.
Manage Users

Add/Remove/Edit System Users - Mange the local user accounts.
System Parameters

Edit System Parameters  - Edit the system parameters as detailed on the Owner’s Set-up page here.
Block/Close Rooms from Booking

Here you can block selected room(s) from being booked online for selected date(s)., Whilst the room is being re-furbished or unavailable for other reasons.
Use the Make Room in-active to permanently disable bookings online for a selected room or room type. Use the Block/Close Room for short periods.

Maintenance of the iBooker System
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