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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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Installing the customer pages is  an easy 2 step process.
Step 1.
Add an iframe to the selected page on your site in the required position of the booking area.
Size: 600px wide by 448px wide.
Step 2.
If using Web Plus set the properties of the iframe to:

And the Internet Address at the top of the iframe Settings page to “THE_URL_OF_THE_book.asp_PAGE" which
will be will be the location of where you published the wpp to, plus the page name book.asp. eg:

Or if using the fully hosted version then create an HTML fragment  600px X 448px and paste the code supplied by Fortune Design.
Other Editors or Direct HTML:
If entering HTML in another editor or direct HTML add the following to your page:
<iframe id="ibooker" name="ibooker" src="THE_URL_OF_THE_book.asp_PAGE" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="position:absolute;left:149px;top:421px;width:600px;height:448px; ></iframe>
<script type="text/javascript">GetFrameUrl('ibooker');</script>

Or paste the code supplied by Fortune Design into the HTML of your page.

Change the positions to your required position, left and top.
“THE_URL_OF_THE_book.asp_PAGE"  will be the location of where your system pages are installed, plus the page name book.asp. eg:
That’s it, your Customer Booking System is installed and ready to take orders (providing you have completed the System Set-Up, details here.)
Installing iBooker Customer Pages