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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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iBooker  Customer Pages
The customer pages are installed in an iframe on your main site booking page. They can be customised to match your site’s scheme and therefore blend in seamlessly.
The customer is presented with a few options, Arrival Date, Number of Nights, Room Type and number of persons. A pop-up calendar is used to select dates and this can also be customised to a colour scheme of your choice, with a single click in your control panel pages. There are currently 25 different schemes to choose from.
Behind the scenes processing:
Once the customer has selected their choices, and clicked ‘Check Availability’ the system then goes through all rooms of the type chosen, in numerical order, to see if it can fit in the consecutive number of nights from the arrival date chosen for each room. (Ignoring any cancelled bookings). If it cannot then a message is delivered to the customer stating that the Room Type chosen is not available for the dates chosen, and a button appears giving the option to change their room and/or dates chosen.
If the booking can be accommodated the customer is advised that the room chosen is available and calculates the cost to present to the customer. To calculate the cost the system checks which ‘Season’ each night booked falls in, takes the base room cost and applies the seasonal factor to each night and totals the costs. (This means that if a booking falls across two or more seasons, the relevant seasonal rate is charged for each night).  After the total for the booking is arrived at, the system then checks to see if any multiple night discounts apply to the booking, and applies any that are relevant.
The  Net total is then arrived at and the details presented to the customer. If the customer then clicks the ‘Book It!’ Button  a PayPal form is automatically created, including the return URL’s for successful and un-successful payments for the customer to make their payment. A Provisional Booking is then recorded in the system (Booking Status ‘P’).
If the customer makes a successful PayPal payment and ‘returns to merchant’  the Booking Status is updated to ‘B’ (Booked and paid for), the payment is entered into the system type ‘PayPal’ and an email is dispatched to the customer confirming the Booking and Payment. A copy email (can be disabled in control panel) is also sent to the hotel ‘owner’  advising them of the booking.
If the Payment was unsuccessful and the user clicked ‘return to merchant’ or the customer cancelled without going to PayPal, the Booking Status is updated to ‘C’ (Cancelled), and the room and dates are available for Booking by another customer.
The maximum date in the future that the customer can book is 1 year 10 days from the current date. (This can be customised as required.)
 Preview Customer Pages (Live Demo)  
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